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P51 Mustang Set

Preis 119€


  • Fuselage, upper removable cowl and belly air intake: molded fiberglass, painted.
  • Clear PVC molded canopy (to be cut), outline and arch painted.
  • All built-up structure wings, finished covered with Oracover®. Ready for XPower ELR electric retracts installation.
  • All built-up empennages, finished, covered with Oracover®.
  • Accessories: plywood wing joiner, aluminium hatch latch, gear leg pants, X’Lite wheels, steering tailwheel assembly, linkages, control horns, clevises, hinges, plastic engine mount (IC), alu motor mount electric, screws, etc.
  • Plastic parts set to easily set up a nice scale cabin, dummy exhaust pipes, fake antenna.
  • Stickers sheet (with numerous scale details).
  • 40 pages step by step all illustrated manual. Pagina 1/2.

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